Our Story

Once upon a time two adventurous Lehigh Valley locals began their life together; one an artist with a love of all things fantasy and the other a professional MTG player.  The couple envisioned a new quest, this time together, where they could create community through coffee and gaming in their own neighborhood.

With their talents combined, a magical place emerged and officially opened in the Fall of 2021.  Mythic quickly became unique amongst the rest with its warm personality and unexpectedly great coffee for a game store (Thank You Homestead Coffee Roasters).  Whether you’re playing Splendor or sipping a Mythic Mocha by the fire, you’re sure to make friends and memories.

Ryan and Sam in front of Mythic Beasts & Brews

Meet Sam (The Artist)

  • Sam graduated from Penn State with an Art degree and uses her creativity to make Mythic memorable for guests.  Be it the chalk art on the specials boards or the D&D room decorated with a faux deer bust and lanterns, Sam helps set the tone for a novel experience.
  • Be sure to try out the drink specials every season.  Sam concocts all kinds of flavorful beverages ensuring your taste buds want more!  And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the D20 Challenge!
  • Have you always wanted to game, but don’t know how to get started?  Sam’s got you covered.  She can find a board game that fits your style from Mythic’s Free Board Game Library and help you understand the fundamentals of gaming!

Meet Ryan (The MTG Expert)

  • Ryan began playing MTG in 1995 and quickly realized the game would be a big part of his life.  From competing in MTG pro tours to making a living through gaming since 2010, Ryan’s knowledge in the hobby is expansive.  If you need help finding synergy in an MTG deck, choosing which Warhammer army to play, or information on the newest game, Ryan is your guy!
  • When you walk into Mythic, you’ll hear music and laughter.  This is the energy that Ryan brings to the building and one of the reasons strangers become friends in an instant.  Everyone loves to be at Mythic and you’ll love it here too!
  • Do you enjoy the casual side of gaming, but want to explore becoming more advanced?  Ryan can help!  He is well versed in game mechanics and knows how to strategize for the win!  Ask Ryan for tips and tricks on how to improve your overall game.

Frequently Asked

Where did the name Mythic Beasts & Brews come from?

One of our favorite games to play at the store is MTG (Magic: The Gathering), so Mythic actually stands for the top tier of MTG player and brews stands for trying out different cards in a deck until there is synergy!  Brews also refers to how we sell coffee and other delicious drinks!

What does your logo represent?

The logo is a mythological beast called a Manticore which is believed to have originated from Middle Eastern/South Asian literature.  There have been many versions of the Manticore throughout the years, but Mythic's Manticore has the body of a lion, a scorpion tail, bat wings, and horns.

Who provides your coffee?

Homestead Coffee Roasters of Upper Black Eddy, PA

Where do I park?

We have a parking lot right behind the building as well as on street parking throughout the neighborhood.

How much does your space cost?

Tables at Mythic are totally free for anyone that wants to play games and/or drink coffee.  Have a large group that wants to play games, but need a lot of space?  We also have two rooms that can be rented to individuals for a reasonable fee.  Just call and make a reservation!

Can I bring outside food and drink?

Though we prefer any coffee related drinks be ordered from our coffee shop, you are welcome to bring in your own food and snacks.  We just ask that the food items brought are not too messy and that all trash be discarded afterward.