Awaken Your Game!

Drink coffee, play games, meet friends.

A caffeinated twist on your friendly local games store.

We are a tabletop gaming/coffee shop in Easton, PA specializing in Magic The Gathering, Games Workshop, Dungeons and Dragons, and more.

Bringing the Lehigh Valley together through gaming.

We are open to gamers of all ages and levels.

Check out our game selection!

Don’t know what games to get? Stop in for friendly professional advice and try out games before you buy them.

Our hours are:

Monday   3PM – 9PM
Tuesday 12PM – 9PM
Wednesday 12PM – 9PM
Thursday 12PM – 9PM
Friday 12PM – 9PM
Saturday 10AM – 9PM
Sunday 12PM – 7PM


Monday             3PM – 9PM

Tuesday           12PM – 9PM

Wednesday     12PM – 9PM

Thursday         12PM – 9PM

Friday               12PM – 9PM

Saturday          10AM – 9PM

Sunday             12PM – 7PM


How to find us:

We’re located in Easton, PA just outside of the main shopping district at:

1828 Freemansburg Ave.
Easton PA 18042

On Street parking is available in the area as well as a parking lot behind the store.

Give us a call at 570-982-0227 if you have any questions.

Mythic Beasts & Brews

1828 Freemansburg Ave, Easton, PA 18042


Connect with Us!

Weekly Gatherings

Monday – Miniature War Gaming @ 5:00PM

Tuesday – Dungeons & Dragons @ 6:00PM

Wednesday – MTG Booster Draft @ 6:30PM
($15 entry *price may vary)

Thursday – Open Gaming (All Day)

Friday – MTG Commander @ 6:00PM, MTG Pauper @ 6:30PM

Saturday – Open Gaming (*Check monthly events/Facebook page)

Sunday – MTG Casual Commander (All Day)

On a quest to expand your Magic deck?

Visit our online store hosted by TCGplayer to check out out our ever-changing selection of MTG cards and great pricing!

On a quest to expand your Magic deck?

MTG cards and dice on table

Visit our online store hosted by TCGplayer to check out out our ever-changing selection of MTG cards and great pricing!

MTG cards and dice on table

Frequently Asked

Where did the name Mythic Beasts & Brews come from?

One of our favorite games to play at the store is MTG (Magic: The Gathering), so Mythic actually stands for the top tier of MTG player and brews stands for trying out different cards in a deck until there is synergy!  Brews also refers to how we sell coffee and other delicious drinks!

What does your logo represent?

The logo is a mythological beast called a Manticore which is believed to have originated from Middle Eastern/South Asian literature.  There have been many versions of the Manticore throughout the years, but Mythic's Manticore has the body of a lion, a scorpion tail, bat wings, and horns.

Who provides your coffee?

Homestead Coffee Roasters of Upper Black Eddy, PA

Where do I park?

We have a parking lot right behind the building as well as on street parking throughout the neighborhood.

How much does your space cost?

Tables at Mythic are totally free for anyone that wants to play games and/or drink coffee.  Have a large group that wants to play games, but need a lot of space?  We also have two rooms that can be rented to individuals for a reasonable fee.  Just call and make a reservation!

Can I bring outside food and drink?

Though we prefer any coffee related drinks be ordered from our coffee shop, you are welcome to bring in your own food and snacks.  We just ask that the food items brought are not too messy and that all trash be discarded afterward.